We at Rila offer all kind of translation services related to Bulgarian language.

We offer translation, interpretation, proof-reading, styling and formatting of translated documents, translation of web sites and scripts, Bulgarian subtitling.

We are proud to have acquired significant translating expertise, ranging from legal documents, technical documentation, user manuals, product specifications, patents, certificates, contracts, user agreements and business correspondence, subtitling, localizations, etc.

Apart from possessing excellent expertise in providing Bulgarian-English and English-Bulgarian translator services, we quality Bulgarian translation to and from German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, etc.

Our advantages:

  • Unsurpassed quality at very competitive prices;

  • Our translators are high qualified and experienced native Bulgarians, all with linguistic background;

  • We always proof-read and edit the translated texts before submitting to the customer;

  • We process orders 24 hours, 7 days a week; We reply to all enquiries within 8 hours;

  • We process all type of file formats. The quoted price includes text formatting in MS Word or MS Excel, including images and tables;

  • We offer significant discounts for large orders and slight extra charges for urgent orders;

Bulgarian Translation Services
English - Bulgarian (EUR per word) 0.08
German - Bulgarian (EUR per word) 0.08
French - Bulgarian (EUR per word) 0.08
Italian - Bulgarian (EUR per word) 0.08
Spanish - Bulgarian (EUR per word) 0.08
Russian - Bulgarian (EUR per word) 0.05
Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, etc Ask for quote

Additional Services
Independent proof-reading
Extra security. Highly recommended for mission critical or publication documents (EUR per word)
Bulgarian, Russian typing / Digitalization
Digitalization and machine proof-reading of paper documents in electronic format, eg MS Word (EUR per page).
Localization consultancy
Expert advice as to how to structure and phrase your translated document for maximum effectiveness. Highly recommended for brochures and advertising copy (Charged on a per page basis)
ask for quote
Target audience re-write
Rewrite of document to make it appropriate to different (or multiple) target audiences (Charged on a per document basis).
ask for quote

The prices given herein are designed to provide you with a price guide for budgetary purposes only and are therefore not binding.
To get a free, no-obligation price quote, please use our Contact us / Get a quote page.

Payment options: Wire transfer to our bank account in Bulgaria (EU), Credit cards via Moneybookers or PayPal.

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